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Predictions: 11/9/2010

November 9, 2010

Here’s my thoughts and predictions before the 7 games slated for tonight’s action:

Denver at Indiana
– Nuggets continue their roadtrip. Coming off a tough loss to Chicago last night, I see them bounce back. Plus, Carmelo is still there. DEN 104 IND 92

Cleveland at New Jersey – I like the direction Avery is taking the Nets. It will be a grind but they will be better in the end. Brook Lopez should dominate JJ Hickson if he isn’t in foul trouble. CLE 88 NJN 93

Utah at Miami – Miami is coming off their second loss. Is it a coincidence that this team loses to great point guards? (Rondo, Paul) D. Will will continue the streak. UTA 99 MIA 92

New York at Milwaukee – Bucks seem not to be hitting their stride this year by starting off 2-5. Expect a run and gun atmosphere in Milwaukee. Bucks won’t hang though. NY 109 MIL 95

Los Angeles (C) at New Orleans – CP3 has been on a killing spree lately and Blake Griffin’s rookie tour is in the way. Blake will give us the play of the night. Hornets will win. LAC 94 NO 101

Detroit at Portland – Detroit is one of the 5 worst teams. Portland is one of the ten best. Easy win in Oregon. DET 88 POR 103

Minnesota at Los Angeles (L) – Shannon Brown and the Lakers will continue their run at perfection against the NBA’s worst team. MIN 82 LAL 102

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