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Shannon Brown Wants Lakers’ To Go 82-0

November 9, 2010

Lakers’ human highlight film is stirring up the pot. I think a ring is more important than 82 W’s.

From Dime Magazine:

Dime: Have you prepared any different coming into this season?
Shannon Brown: I don’t think I’ve prepared any differently except for probably more mentally. I think I let my body rest a little bit more this summer than I have in any other summer that I’ve been playing basketball. I’m ready to go out there and just prove to the world that I can really play this game.

Dime: How many wins do you set as a goal before the season?
SB: I mean, 82. It’s not a realistic goal, but it is a goal though. We’re going to go out and play every game as hard as we can to the best of our ability, try to execute on both ends of the court and give it our all and let it fall where it may. We got a lot of confidence in ourselves and we got a lot of confidence in each other. We’re going to go out there and play the game.

Dime: With a lot of attention now in the East, are there new motivations?
SB: It’s always interesting to see people and the changes they make in the offseason to make themselves better and that’s what the East did. That’s what teams are supposed to do. They’re supposed to make themselves better in the offseason so they can come back and compete for a championship. But we don’t feel any differently about what we have to do – we’re still back-to-back champions.

Dime: So are you guys circling anyone in the West?
SB: Not at all, we focus on our next opponent. Whoever we play next that’s who we focus on and we take it one day, one practice at a time, one game at a time.

Dime: Any chance for some “Let Shannon Dunk” Pt. 2 this year?
SB: I don’t know, I’m not sure. Like I was saying last year, I’m focused on winning basketball games, winning championships. The dunk contest was fun – it was an honor and a pleasure to participate in it – but I’m trying to win games.

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