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Gilbert Faked Injury Because He Was Scared Of Boos

November 10, 2010

I guess everyone is scared of the boo birds huh?

From CBSSports:

Hey, Gilbert Arenas said something again everybody. Gather ’round.

Via Mike Prada of Bullets Forever , Arenas told Sports Illustated that he faked an injury in the preseason not to give Nick Young playing time. Nope. Actually, Arenas said he faked the injury because he was afraid to walk out on to the court that night.

Last Thursday, after practice in Washington, Arenas told SPORTS ILLUSTRATED that the real reason he sat out wasn’t, as he originally told reporters, to rest his thrice-surgically-repaired knee, nor was it the excuse he gave the next day, that he wanted to give backup point guard Nick Young the chance to play. “I was really scared of getting booed,” says Arenas. “It’s a little crazy because I was here with Kwame Brown when Kwame was scared to go out there. I used to be like, Man, it’s just boos. Now here I was six years later, and I was him. I was scared to go out there.”

I don’t even know what to say/think. The original story was weird enough, but kind of cool and teammate-y at the same time. Arenas gave up his spot so that a young guard could have an opportunity to show people what he could do. (And Young did, scoring 24 points and hitting six 3s.) Except now, Arenas has gone back on that story to reveal the real reason he didn’t play was because he was scared of the boo-birds. This whole thing is so Gilbert Arenas.

Regardless of the fact that Wizards fans actually cheered him and have been generally supportive of him, this couldn’t be stupider at this point. Yes, it was a preseason game and one would think Arenas wouldn’t skip a regular season game. But who is scared of being booed? Who really can’t handle walking out on the floor and hearing a little of that? Does that really devastate players? I thought the good ones channeled it and used that to play better. Guess not for Arenas.

Arenas closes the piece with this quote:

“I’ve disgraced my legacy here. For me to move over for John Wall is a no-brainer. What’s the point of my fighting with him all day? It isn’t going to make me look any better. It’s not like I think I’m God’s gift to the NBA and can’t step aside for somebody else. I can move aside for John Wall. That’s no problem for me.”

See, now that’s a stand-up quote. And it’s stand-up that Arenas and Wall really seem to be getting along and that Arenas is helping mentor the young point guard shows.

But it really seems that Gilbert Arenas is entirely conflicted about who he is and what he’s supposed to be. And not just within the dynamic of the Wizards. He’s been strange since day one of training camp when he showed up with a beard and told people he was all serious and no joking from now on. But it appears that he’s trying to re-evaluate himself and figure out what he’s doing right now. It’s honestly sort of fascinating.

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