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Kings Aggressively Pursuing Aaron Brooks

November 24, 2010

The injured Aaron Brooks name has been swirling around heavily in trade rumors but seems like the Kings want him more than any team. Maybe once he’s off the injured list, this deal can be worked out.

From Sacramento Bee:

In fairness to Westphal, everyone acknowledges the Kings are far from a finished product. They need outside shooting like ski resorts need snow. They need DeMarcus Cousins to behave like a mature adult, not a 20-year-old kid. They need a facilitator so they can move Tyreke Evans to shooting guard or small forward and exploit his strength and natural scoring instincts.

Better yet, they need Geoff Petrie to acquire a more conventional point guard – or a player whose skills would better complement those of Evans – and accelerate the learning process. (The Kings are aggressively pursuing a move and reportedly have inquired about Atlanta’s Jeff Teague and Houston’s Aaron Brooks, among others, though team officials declined to comment on the speculation.)

“There’s no point bemoaning what we don’t have,” Westphal added. “Right now with this team, the best possible thing we can (accomplish) is to put together a defensive identity. Put the pieces together in a way that fits. Be the best defensive team we can be. We will work it out offensively. I don’t think anyone expected us to look like the 1971 Knicks after 13 games.”

So how about imitating the Kings of the opening week? You know? The team that used its youth, depth and athleticism en route to a 3-1 start and an entertaining home opener against the Toronto Raptors?

“We knew we would have our ups and downs,” said Maloof, who was surprisingly upbeat considering the circumstances. “This isn’t the end of the world.”

True, this is sports. This is all a big game. And the Kings can at least pretend to have fun once in a while, and more than once in a while, pass the darn ball.

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