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Garnett Apologizes to George Karl

December 9, 2010

After all this cancer and cancerous talk, Kevin Garnett finally reached out to say some kind words to George Karl. Good move KG.


Knowing how much his November incident involving the Pistons’ Charlie Villanueva had reverberated, and that what he called a misunderstanding turned into an apparent insult to those fighting cancer, Kevin Garnett last night sought out a certain cancer patient sitting on the Nuggets’ bench.

Since 2005, Denver coach George Karl has battled three forms of cancer — prostate, thyroid, and now throat. Immediately after the Celtics’ 105-89 win, Garnett walked over to offer a word to Karl.

“I went up to him as a man and what I said is that I had nothing personal toward him or any other cancer patients that are out there struggling, dealing with life situations,’’ said Garnett. “I wanted to say that to him man to man.’’

Last month, Villanueva, who suffers from a skin condition that results in hair loss, accused Garnett of calling him a “cancer patient’’ during a heated exchange toward the end of the Celtics’ win at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Garnett issued a statement, claiming he said Villanueva was “cancerous to our league and your team.’’

At the time, Karl told the Denver Post that Garnett’s reported remarks were “disappointing and crossing the line.’’ He said that if he and Garnett were friends, he would have called Garnett to tell him he didn’t appreciate his comments.

“I was going to do it before the game, but I wanted to get the game out of the way and then approach him,’’ said Garnett.


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