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10 Things From Magic-Suns-Wizards Deal

December 20, 2010

After this weekend’s big deals, a lot of thoughts, questions and predictions popped in my head. So here it is.

1. The Magic have scorers now! Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas can definitely create their own shot off the dribble, which is something Orlando has desperately needed. Sorry Vince!

2. Hedo comes home. Hedo (pictured above) was the Magic’s only source of energy in the 2009 NBA Finals against the Lakers. Only to find himself bolting Florida for Canada and finding himself lost. Hopefully, he can rekindle the magic he once had.

3. Poor Steve Nash. Not only do you take away one of his best friends on the team, Jason Richardson, he is replaced by Vince Carter. Look for Steve Nash to put it in cruise control or be traded.

4. Can Vince Carter’s body be rejuvenated? Well, Phoenix brought Grant Hill back to life. Gave Shaquille O’Neal a boost back into his career. Why not Carter? If Vince faces his realities he might last a little longer in this league than expected.

5. Speaking of rejuvenations, what about Gilbert Arenas?
He took the Wizards out of the dark cellar of the East and gave them respectability back into the league. Went to a few All-Star games and made a few playoff runs. Then his knees went bad on him and then the gun incident. Gil has a lot left in the tank and I think he can be an enormous asset for Stan Van Gundy’s system. New beginnings.

6. Dwight Howard is happy, for now.Its no question the Magic made these moves to let Dwight know, we want you here to stay in the long run. If the Magic can get through the Heat and Celtics, he will stay. If not, expect Howard to be the biggest free agent in the summer of 2012.

7. The John Wall era is here. Wizards management knew if they wanted Wall to blossom they needed to let go of a certain someone. Therefore, this deal was inevitable. Let’s just hope Wall can be as good of an asset as his predecessor.

8. The Magic can contend with the Heat and Celtics. Yes, I said it. They have just as many scorers and Dwight Howard to run with Miami and Boston. Only weakness in this team’s armor now is depth at the big man. By trading away Gortat and Lewis, they lose a lot of inside security. Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass need to watch their fouls a lot more carefully now.

9. The Suns threw in the towel for this year’s playoff run. While, the East reloads, the West will always be the West. Teams are stacked and now with who the Suns have, don’t expect too much from the guys in Phoenix. Its crazy to think that just a few months ago this team was almost in the NBA Finals.

10. Money, money and more money. All of these deals revolved around money. Especially the evident losers. Wizards shaved a year off Gil’s huge contract by taking Rashard’s. Suns took in Vince, because they know his expires at the end of this year. It’s all business.

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