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Gilbert Arenas Will Wear No.1 To Honor Penny Hardaway

December 21, 2010

Gilbert will what? That was my first thought at least. We all adored and loved Penny in the 90’s and I guess Gil wants to resurrect his career by living through another one’s. Arenas puts a lot of pressure on himself now because all Penny fanatics (including myself) will be in uproar if he doesn’t live up to the hype.

From Dime Mag:

I think I might be more excited than anyone to see Gilbert Arenas‘ debut with the Orlando Magic tonight, and it’s probably not for any reasons you may think. Back when Agent Zero was blogging for in 2007, he let the world know that the Magic were his favorite team growing up and Penny Hardaway was his favorite player. “In my room I probably had 600 pictures up on my wall and 575 of ‘em were all Penny.” Tonight in Atlanta against the Hawks, Arenas will take the floor donning Penny’s No. 1 in his honor.

“It was funny when I played in Los Angeles all of my friends would say, ‘I hope you get traded to Orlando, your favorite team or some other team,” Arenas told’s John Denton. “It was funny because as soon as I got traded I thought, “You’re there! Now pick No. 1. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to wear for Penny Hardaway.”

Personally, I find it a little crazy that the Magic never retired Hardaway’s number, but they’ve only been around since 1989. With that said, Orlando did retired the No. 6 for “The Sixth Man” a.k.a. “The Fans,” but this was later un-retired in 2001–02 for Patrick Ewing.

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